The title for the series, We Danced, comes from a few moments when I was standing by “Daniel’s mother” as she husked the maize that would help support the family until the next crop was ready for harvesting. We spoke and laughed in fragmented English as we did whenever we saw each other on my visits to the village.  But this time, spontaneously, she took my hand and started to dance. Even though our lives were different, and I could never truly understand life from her perspective, it was as if she had accepted me as a friend.  The following winter, Daniel’s mother died suddenly; this would be the last time I saw her.

This work is about an exploration, as an outsider, of parts of life in Africa.  It comes from wandering endlessly through streets, alleys, and along dusty paths; and entering abandoned buildings, and being invited into peoples’ homes. At times, it means standing back, waiting, and watching and at other times, interacting with those who I have encountered along the way. These are moments that resonate with me on this journey.